Floating Fun Central: British Columbia

Shuswap Lake in British Columbia’s southern interior is the houseboating capital of Canada Sometime between being shot out of the waterslide like a cannon ball and jumping off the top deck into shimmering Shuswap Lake, we declare houseboating our new favourite way to vacation. But, of course, there will also be simple lounging in the

Why Visit Nevis In Summer? Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes

Mangoes are beloved in Nevis, but nobody buys them. They don’t have to. Nearly ever Nevisian has a mango tree or three in their backyard and even if you don’t have one, in the summer it literally rains mangoes and people can’t give them away fast enough. There are officially 44 different kinds of mangoes

Game on, Hong Kong

This August in Hong Kong, gamers get together to cheer more than one hundred contenders for e-sports glory.  Three tournaments players from all over the world who will compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the highest prize pool in Hong Kong’s e-sports history.  Whether travelling with teens or e-sport lovers, there is more in store

Coffee Shops Baltimore – the 2018 Top 11

Baltimore has a booming coffee scene. Hipsters are roasting, different types of milk are being frothed or just warmed, the coffee is served cold, warm, iced, drip, with mocha and in many variations in the coffee shops of Baltimore. However, what really stood out about the coffee shops in Baltimore to me was they take their

Old Fashioned Florida Flea Market

Despite the early morning hour, the sun’s rays warm the blacktop covering Route 301 from Gainesville heading north. Inhaling the warm moist air, you notice a horse statue atop a sign towering over the green plains blanketing Alachua County.  The Waldo Farmer’s Flea Market begs you to explore “Central Florida’s Largest Flea Market” for a

Let’s play on Playa Mujeres

Just south of where the Caribbean Sea collides with the Gulf of Mexico is a stunning and spiritual nexus.  It’s here, a little shy of the northern tip of the Isla Blanca peninsula, that the white-sand Play Mujeres meets dual-coloured water the hue of melted green and blue gemstones.  This junction is much more than a pretty





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