100 Years of the Leica


What would the world of travel photography be with the wonderful Leica camera? Long, long before the advent of the iPhone, the technological development of the Leica camera was seen as revolutionary advance in photography. The lightweight/compact camera used 35mm cinematic film. But better yet- it was small enough to fit into a photographers coat pocket. That's why the camera was a go-to for such pioneer street photographers such as Vivian Maier.

The Leica quickly became the key photography apparatus for both amateurs and pros to photography everyday life. To celebrate this beloved camera, Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid brings the exhibition, Eyes Wide Open! 100 Years of the Leica- which runs through October 10th.

Can't make it to Spain? Well, here's a few legendary Leica travel shots you'll miss in the exhibition.

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