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Truffle Hunting in Slovenia

"Isci, isci," ring out the shouts in the hills above Koper, Slovenia. Translated the command is, "search, search." The verbal encouragement comes from Sara Kocjancic and is directed at two-year-old yellow Labrador retriever Liza, a truffle-hunting dog extraordinaire. Following instructions, Liza, tail up and snout down, zigzags through the forest in a quest for truffles.

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Destination Slovenia

As far as Europe is concerned, France, Spain and Italy seem to trump all other tourist destinations in that region - and yes, to the naked eye this would be a relatively accurate statement; however, what you don’t read in the trendiest travel books and latest and greatest adventure blogs is that Slovenia will be responsible for taking your vacation to the next level. Though it is hardly noticeable on the map of popular European destinations, it happens to boast some of the areas most intriguing landscapes, historical monuments and interesting adventure sports. Follow this journey through the heart of Slovenia and across four different must see destinations!

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