A 4 Month Travel Adventure Captured on a GoPro

 The thing about the DIY culture is: you can do some really cool stuff with a few good ideas, some descent equipment - and enough money to let you travel around the world for 4 months going to very cool places and doing very cool things. It's just that easy. Check out this traveler's video - he put together some great footage, which was all shot on a GoPro Hero3 + Black Edition; along with a  GoPole, Headstrap and Chesty.


Then know what you do? You edit this puppy on Adobe Premiere Pro. Check out some nice GoPro footage as our hero travels through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand - as he experiences some outback ranches, kayaking, ziplining, diving, trekking and white water rafting. This is his GoPro, 4 month story.

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