L'Éclair de Genie

eclaire de genie

The éclair is the most popular patisserie treat in France because it’s easy to eat, easy to bake, and most importantly— comfort food. The éclair originated in France in the early 1800s, first made by Marie-Antoine Carême, a pastry chef for French royalty. With their growing popularity around the world, éclairs are more than a flaky fad; they are having a renaissance.

L’Éclair de Génie— a Parisian pastry shop that only sells éclairs— is opening its 25th store on Robson Street in Vancouver, B.C. in April 2017.

We have 257 kinds of éclairs, and I still have fun playing with new flavours, textures and colours,” says Adam. “The éclair must have oomph, with a dazzling, modern look

Adam has stores in Japan, Hong Kong, and Moscow.  The upcoming Vancouver location will be the first L’Éclair de Genie in North America, Adam says they are planning to "start with 10 kinds of éclairs and introduce two new flavours each month...paired with coffee, of course."

If you know anything about baking Éclairs,  you know they must be fresh when assembled. The shell, made from choux paste, is easy to make and freezes well while the inside is typically filled with vanilla custard and the top is brushed with chocolate glaze, but Adam insists the possibilities are endless,

I want to teach technique that isn’t intimidating, so students can make a good éclair at home. You can come up with your own funky colors and flavor combinations but first learn how to make choux paste and the correct way to pipe the filling, and of course (make) the custard— life is about eating custard.


’s remarkable career has taken him from Michelin-starred restaurants in London to a burgeoning career as a luxury food purveyor with boutiques in Paris and Tokyo. Christophe is the author of the new Spring 2017 release 

Eclairs: Easy, Elegant & Modern Recipes

, and will be in Vancouver April 21-24.


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