Journey to Socrates Sculpture Garden in Long Island City

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When venturing around Long Island City in Queens - be sure to grab bike and peddle to Socrates Sculpture Park. Located right smack on the East River, Socrates Sculpture Park is dedicated to large-scale sculpture and multimedia installations in a park built on a former landfill site. Yes, this cool artistic hub was once an ugly abandoned riverside landfill and illegal dumpsite. All that changed in 1986, when a coalition of artists and community members transformed the eye-sore into an exhibition space and neighborhood park for local residents. Hurrah!

Currently, the sculpture exhibition on display at Socrates is: Nari Ward: G.O.A.T, again. Ironically (or not), the exhibition features lots of sculptures of goats - mixed among the regular sculpture exhibits. The afternoon I was there also begot Shakespeare in the park.

Here's a little photographic tastes of the Socrates Sculpture Park experience in NYC:

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