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Montreal's Habitat 67 is Sci-Fi Heaven

Let's say you're in Montreal and you want to film a low-budget sci-fi film that looks like the 1960's perception of the future. Where do you go? Rest assured, there's Habitat 67. This geometrical feat of wonder was designed by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie as part of the 1967 World Expo. This extraordinary experimental housing complex is made up of modular concrete units.

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Venice: Beyond the Most Famous Waterway

In the fifth century AD, Attila the Hun and other invaders descended upon the northeastern area of what today is Italy.   A number of people who were living in the region fled to a group of nearby islands for safety and, over time, established small villages. The towns they founded eventually joined together and that was the birth of Venice.

From that humble beginning grew one of the wealthiest, most refined cities in the then-known world.   Those who travel to Venice today see it much as it has looked over centuries.

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Journey to Socrates Sculpture Garden in Long Island City

When venturing around Long Island City in Queens - be sure to grab bike and peddle to Socrates Sculpture Park. Located right smack on the East River, Socrates Sculpture Park is dedicated to large-scale sculpture and multimedia installations in a park built on a former landfill site. Yes, this cool artistic hub was once an ugly abandoned riverside landfill and illegal dumpsite. All that changed in 1986, when a coalition of artists and community members transformed the eye-sore into an exhibition space and neighborhood park for local residents. Hurrah!

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Montréal’s spin on cycling

During a trip to Montreal this summer I learned that the term ‘rush hour’ takes on a different meaning in Montreal. If you are cycling in Montreal at 5 p.m. on a weekday, prepare yourself, because you will be part of ‘cycling rush hour’ on the bike paths. Nominated as the only Canadian city in the top twenty of the Copenhagen Index of Bicycle-friendly Cities (Mineapolis is the other North American winner, ringing in at #18), Montreal seems to have everything going for it: great cycling events, and a good network of separated bike lanes and recreational cycling paths that are cleared of snow in the winter.

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