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Living Like A Swiss Princess In Zürich

For the record, Switzerland does not have a royal family and is actually as close as you get to a direct democracy in this day and age. But these are just details. If there was a Swiss royal family, I imagine they would live in a modern castle like The Dolder Grand, with Warhol and Dalí paintings hanging casually on the wall.

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Visit Mexico City during the annual Insect Feast Festival.

The "wonderfood" of the future? Are you a food lover? Mexico City is famous for its tasty food, history, color, and crowds.

“Huerto Roma Verde” in the heart of México City, in Colonia Roma Sur, hosts “El Bonito Tianguis”.  A highlight of the fast-growing annual event is “Insect Feast Festival 2018” each June to enlighten people about pre-Hispanic food through entomophagy gastronomy or insect-eating.

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Floating Fun Central: British Columbia

Sometime between being shot out of the waterslide like a cannon ball and jumping off the top deck into shimmering Shuswap Lake, we declare houseboating our new favourite way to vacation.

But, of course, there will also be simple lounging in the sunshine, awe-inspiring vistas around every bend, soaking in the top-deck hot tub, barbecuing on the front deck, outdoor showers on the back deck, wine at twilight and sleeping like a baby as the water gentle laps against the boat.

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Why Visit Nevis In Summer? Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes

Mangoes are beloved in Nevis, but nobody buys them. They don't have to. Nearly ever Nevisian has a mango tree or three in their backyard and even if you don't have one, in the summer it literally rains mangoes and people can't give them away fast enough. There are officially 44 different kinds of mangoes in Nevis; the Amory Polly, Julie and Long mangoes are just a few of the most prized. Known throughout the Caribbean as St. Kitts' smaller, more luxurious sister island, Nevis has the laid-back luxury you'll crave after tiring of the ritz and glamour of St. Barts. Here you can chase monkeys barefoot or sit by the pool sipping an iced almond milk latte. Just one road circles the whole island, an easy 45-minute drive to circumnavigate.

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New Spa and Hotel in Los Cabos

Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos is a new adults-only, all-inclusive hotel with 374 guest rooms and suites that range from 760 to 1,400, sq. ft. Each room features an ocean view.  Distinction beyond its dining, spa, and recreational essentials expect personal butler service, nightly aromatherapy menus, a pillow menu, CHI blow dryers and flatirons and BVLGARI personal grooming products, Apple TV and Lavazza coffee makers.

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Go for the Exercise. Stay for the Food.

Admittedly, I’ve never heard of Lo-Wei, a unique exercise class that combines yoga, strength training and flexibility that stretched my body in ways my mind never thought possible. But it is only one of almost three dozen fitness classes, all part of the dawn-to-dusk workout, weight loss and education focus of the one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive Deerfield Health Retreat and Spa in East Stroudsburg, PA where my friend Kathy and I spent three nights recently.

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Along the Minneapolis Bike Trails

Minneapolis, Minnesota has some of the best cycling trails in the United States. And this isn't according to Minneapolis Cycling Magazine. (If such a magazine existed in reality.) I spent Memorial Day Weekend - exploring all there is to be had about the Twin Cities bike trails. I went north. I went south. I went to the outskirts of the western suburbs and did a few laps around Carver Park. Minneapolis has 83 miles of off-street trails, 44 miles of bike lanes, and an extensive bike rental system.

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Ruins to Runways

Riding north from Rome through southern Tuscany means Apennine Mountain climbs, Emilia Romagna views, Po Valley bends and Piedmont wine trail detours. Thirteen days and 600 miles later, you arrive in Turin. Quiet roads, small villages, imposing medieval and renaissance castles meet fine Italian regional wines and traditional food.

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