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Embark on a Wellness Journey at Hilton Head Health

They come for a variety of reasons. Many hope to get in better physical shape; others want to learn how to eat more nutritiously. Then there are those who wish to de-stress and recharge their batteries. They are women and men, mothers and fathers, who over the years have put their health on hold to achieve professional or academic success, provide and tend to the needs of their families and care for aging parents. They choose to embark on this personal journey at a place called Hilton Head Health.

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Discover Greece in Florida - Tarpon Springs, Sponge Capital

Welcome to Greece? If you were blindfolded and transported to Tarpon Springs, Florida you might well think you were in the land of Aristotle, Homer and Plato. That town of about 25,000 inhabitants claims a higher percentage of residents of Greek heritage than any other place in the United States.

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