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Oku Japan announces a new culinary adventure!

Oku Japan, the tour company specializing in rural Japan and walking adventures, is expanding its portfolio with the exciting launch of its new unique culinary adventure “Japan's Culinary Heritage.” With this new adventure, Oku Japan wants to show travellers the importance of Japanese food culture and how culinary traditions reflect the Japanese way of life. In Japan, food is the best way to engage with local lifestyles and to gain an in-depth experience of regional culture, the daily life of Japanese communities, and individual inhabitants.

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Royal Treatment at Ryokans

Some Japanese historians trace ryokans back to Buddhist free rest houses that proliferated during the Nara era about 1,300 years ago. Others link them to roadside inns that were rest stops for merchants and growers traveling to central markets in major cities. During the Edo era (1603–1868), ryokans were a lodging of choice for samurai, government officials, royalty and upper class travelers.

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Live Tokyo Like a Local

Now that you've done the National Gallery of Tokyo, toured the Imperial Palace grounds, braved daytime crowds in Asakusa and strolled the Ginza, you're ready to dig in deeper. But where do you go, and how do you get there? How do you know what places are the places you need to see now? Hint: it's not the cosplay scene in Harajuku, which has faded in the years since Gwen Stefani devised a fashion line inspired by it.

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