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Edible Milestones from Around the World

Enjoying our first dinner during a group tour of Sicily, we turned to our guide and told him that the meal was excellent.  This being Sicily, the reply was not all that surprising.  “You can steal my money but don’t touch my food,” Alessio remarked.   He followed that remark by claiming: “If lunch or dinner doesn’t have at least five courses, it’s just a snack.” I suspect the largesse ahead of us was a paltry morsel.So yes, food plays an important role in the lifestyle of Italians.  Very important. Portions often approach gargantuan in size.  And growing, harvesting, cooking and eating hold a place of near reverence in their daily lives.

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Sicily, Italy: What’s not on the itinerary is as important as what is

It happens all the time with Overseas Adventure Travel. I start out expecting to write about the trip itself – in this case, Sicily's Ancient Landscapes & Timeless Traditions -- and I end up writing about all the things that are not on the itinerary – what OAT refers to as Learning and Discovery. Sure, I wanted to focus on the extensive ruins of the Greeks and Romans from the 8th century BC; the city market initiated by the Arabs in 900 A.D. which still operates today almost as it did then.  The Norman Church built in 1174 which was proclaimed by one of the trip participants as “The most magnificent cathedral ever!” and a boat ride to a Phoenician island dating back 2700 years. But that’s where the story veered into trouble… I found myself being equally surprised and delighted by all the little extra things we were seeing and doing -- and yes, often eating -- that were NOT on the itinerary, the L&D moments that reflect the culture and deepen the immersive experience already embodied within the OAT itinerary.

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The Past Comes Alive In Sicily

“You can steal my money but not my food.” “If lunch or dinner doesn’t have at least five courses, it’s just a snack.” “If you want things to go exactly as planned, don’t come here.” These words, spoken by my Overseas Adventure Travel tour guide in Sicily who actually loves his homeland, tell a lot about Sicily. Yes food is important, plentiful and held in a place of near reverence.   Plans don’t always work out as they’re intended, and the locals have learned to go with the flow.   And residents of the triangular-shaped island just off the toe of Italy’s boot exhibit a warmth, friendliness and self-deprecating humor that make them a reason to visit there.

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