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Living Like A Swiss Princess In Zürich

For the record, Switzerland does not have a royal family and is actually as close as you get to a direct democracy in this day and age. But these are just details. If there was a Swiss royal family, I imagine they would live in a modern castle like The Dolder Grand, with Warhol and Dalí paintings hanging casually on the wall.

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Edible Milestones from Around the World

Enjoying our first dinner during a group tour of Sicily, we turned to our guide and told him that the meal was excellent.  This being Sicily, the reply was not all that surprising.  “You can steal my money but don’t touch my food,” Alessio remarked.   He followed that remark by claiming: “If lunch or dinner doesn’t have at least five courses, it’s just a snack.” I suspect the largesse ahead of us was a paltry morsel.So yes, food plays an important role in the lifestyle of Italians.  Very important. Portions often approach gargantuan in size.  And growing, harvesting, cooking and eating hold a place of near reverence in their daily lives.

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Visit Mexico City during the annual Insect Feast Festival.

The "wonderfood" of the future? Are you a food lover? Mexico City is famous for its tasty food, history, color, and crowds.

“Huerto Roma Verde” in the heart of México City, in Colonia Roma Sur, hosts “El Bonito Tianguis”.  A highlight of the fast-growing annual event is “Insect Feast Festival 2018” each June to enlighten people about pre-Hispanic food through entomophagy gastronomy or insect-eating.

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